Monday, June 26, 2017
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Do You Struggle with that 'Inner Noise'?

This morning I was sat in my garden having my first cuppa of the day and when looking back at the house I noticed a bee landing on the sun warmed bricks just under the eaves and thought it must be taking a breather or maybe just warming itself through in the sun.  

Other bees were ‘bzzeeing’ themselves nearby including trying to share my tea, and after having nearly thrown the tea all down myself, I found the particular cheeky bee who had nearly succeeded quite amusing!

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Words a Muddled Mess

Sitting, thinking, pondering again
I wait for my mind to settle, rest the ole’ brain
You see for years I have wanted to write: blog, articles, media and more
But sadly like many, think my words will just bore.

As I am ageing, I think ‘why the hell not’
I can cross the t’s and i’s, remember to dot

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What happens when you dare to step outside your comfort zone

When I set up my virtual assistant business back in January 2006, my biggest challenge was getting clients.
I came from the closetted corporate world, where it was my job to be a gate-keeper to my bosses and protect them from unsolicitored sales calls, which we got many of. So ‘sales’ was an evil dirty word, something to steer clear of.
As a PA, I was very much office based and the culture was you had to be seen in the office, otherwise no-one thought you were working. Home was reserved for ‘not working’ and we were discouraged from taking work home.

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