Monday, June 26, 2017
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Code of Conduct

The purpose of the IAVA Code of Conduct is to create, foster and advocate a high and sustained
level of professional standards within the VA industry and service to the wider business community.

As a professional body the IAVA has a responsibility to set rules and professional standards to
direct the behaviour of its members in professional matters.

It is expected that these rules and professional standards will be adopted and upheld by existing
members.  New members will be asked to confirm their acceptance of these terms upon joining IAVA.  
Breach of these standards will result in termination of membership and a cessation of the right to
use IAVA’s logos.

IAVA members agree to:

Behave ethically

The duty upon members of the IAVA to behave ethically means that members shall be truthful and
honest in dealings with their clients, colleagues, other professionals, and anyone else they come
into contact with in the course of
their duties. Members shall do nothing that could diminish in any way the high standing of the
profession. This includes any aspect of a member’s personal conduct which could have a negative
impact upon the VA industry.


IAVA members are expected to demonstrate an appropriate level of skills suitable to their client
offering.  IAVA members are encouraged to undertake their own personal continued professional
development to maintain high standards within their own business.


IAVA members shall conduct their professional duties with integrity and specifically shall:

•   Carry appropriate business insurance.

•   Be registered under the Data Protection Act
1998 via the ICO.
•   Have signed contracts in place with all clients,
associates, employees, suppliers and other relevant parties.

•   Show due consideration for other colleagues and for other persons with whom they have dealings
in the course of their professional duties. Members must treat all persons
without bias and with respect, recognising that this includes any comments made publicly by the
member (whether in a personal or professional capacity) through social networking platforms or
other media.

•   When responsible for the work of others or having a management responsibility for other
persons, take responsibility for the work produced.  Members should ensure that they have the
knowledge and expertise to oversee effectively the work for which they are accountable, where that
work is carried out by others.

•   Not have any form of involvement, whether direct or indirect, and whether for the benefit of
the member, the member’s employer, or a third party, in bribery, fraud, deception and corruption.

Professional Conduct

The IAVA expects its members to carry out their duties to their clients, associates, employees,
colleagues and public in a professional manner at all times.


The IAVA reserves the right to amend this Code of Conduct to meet the needs of both the industry
and its members, when it is deemed appropriate to do so by the Board.

National law will take precedence over the contents of this Code of Conduct.

Whilst the IAVA will endeavour to ensure that members adhere to this Code of Conduct, the IAVA
cannot be held responsible or liable for the acts or defaults of its members.  IAVA is an
association of independent members.

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