Monday, June 26, 2017
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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Please see our list of FAQs and if your question is still not answered please do 

Virtual Assistants are home-based professionals who perform a wide range of office functions for one or more clients without setting foot in the client's office. In the outside world they are Personal Assistants or Administrative Managers - in the on-line community they are VAs.

Virtual Assistants own their own businesses; they are entrepreneurs who understand the pressures their clients may be under. They are experienced at working 'virtually' and you avoid the additional cost of office space, full time staff, and benefit payments.

Virtual Assistants are focussed, organised, quick to learn and will be a partner for your success.

Virtual Assistants have the ability to work independently away from the normal office environment. They provide services such as secretarial, administration, book keeping, desk top publishing, marketing, business planning, (the list is endless) - to businesses large and small, people who travel frequently and people who are too busy for the day to day running of an office.

Virtual Assistants are not temps, not employees but self-employed professional administrative assistants who can cater to the needs of the individual and tailor their services to provide top-notch administrative support to enable the client to focus on core tasks rather than time consuming administrative chores.

Virtual Assistants are also available to work on individual projects, not simply the long-term client relationships. They are there when you have an overload situation.

Virtual Assistants work on the detail leaving the client free to concentrate on the bigger picture.

A Virtual Assistant can help you run your business more efficiently.

You need a Virtual Assistant if:

  • You need an assistant but your space is limited or you don't need a full time employee.
  • Your workload exceeds your current staffing levels and deadlines are in danger of being missed.
  • You want to present a more professional image but lack the experience in the administrative arena.
  • You create more ideas than you have time to implement yourself but like to delegate details and follow-up.
  • You travel and need a contact person who can represent your business in a professional manner while you are away.
  • You have seasonal or periodic projects that you don't wish to delegate to a variety of 'temps'.
  • You don't want to lose that personal touch as your business grows.
  • You only have a few hours of work per day, week or month.

You may need a VA if you are a:

  • Journalist
  • Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • New Start-Up Business
  • International Business
  • Executive
  • Salesperson
  • Coach
  • Small Business
  • Student

To the small business person the Virtual Assistant can mean the difference between failure and success. Unlike the larger corporations the smaller business seldom has the space or resource initially for the extra employee to take the weight out of their ever-increasing work-load.

For the international businessman a Virtual Assistant is the vital link with clients when travelling or when that special report or presentation is required. Your Virtual Assistant can handle your diary, regular administrative tasks and be your link when you are out of the office.

For the consultant, professional or coach a Virtual Assistant will handle your reports and administration and enable you to spend more time marketing or enjoying the extra hours available to you.

Students, let your Virtual Assistant help you to present those term papers and thesis in a truly professional format.

You don't have to do it all, just contact your

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or click here to join.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Virtual Community

There are so many reasons but here are just a few examples:

  • You will gain your independence
  • You are able to enjoy building your own company and choosing who you wish to work for - when you work for a variety of clients you do not have to say yes to everyone who offers you work.
  • The variety of work you will find yourself doing.
  • The challenge of learning new skills and growing in confidence as you see your clients growing their businesses.
  • More time to be available for your family and friends or to pursue your own hobbies.
  • You will have flexibility of working hours.
  • No office rules - or office politics!
  • No commuting!! No 9 - 5!! No 'power dressing'!!

You need to fulfil most of the following criteria:

·         You like to work on your own and value your independence.

·         You need to feel committed to your future and understand that starting a business takes time and effort but is both personally and financially rewarding in the long run.

·         You are adaptable and will enjoy working in a variety of fields.

·         You like to be challenged by new ideas and new people.

·         You have confidence in your own ability and don't need constant reassurance from work mates.

·         You are focussed and will be able to give full attention to each individual item of work.

·         You can prioritise and will be able to ensure that the important items, both within the family and your business, are taken care of without stress.

·         You have an openness and are willing to adapt to new requirements and learn new skills.

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